What our clients say

"I received excellent support from Margriet in helping structure and facilitate a complex and challenging stakeholder workshop with key aim to improve delivery success and build stronger relationships with key stakeholders. Delivered in a very professional and supportive manner - where the aims of the session were achieved and the benefits now being realised. A great job!"
~ London Programme Director at CTIL

"Margriet’s coaching has helped me to deal with some tricky situations. She challenged me just the right amount to energise me into action that I knew I needed to take but had found ways to avoid and supported me afterwards, helping me to understand what had held me back previously so I can try to avoid it happening again. She’s also provided an excellent listening ear for me, enabling me to take the time out to think more strategically about where I want to focus my attention. At least one of our coaching conversations was held ‘on the move’ – taking a walk in the open air really helped with my thinking and enabled me to concentrate on what I wanted to explore without being distracted."
~ Senior Manager, University of Reading

"I was lucky enough to have 6 coaching sessions with Margriet and I really enjoyed every one! I had recently been promoted at work to a managerial role and I am the first to admit that I wasn't 100% ready to take on this role. My employer arranged for me to have one to one coaching sessions with Margriet to work on a number of areas such as my confidence, how to be a good manager, hope to cope with stressful situations etc. Each meeting was personally tailored to me, Margriet was very quick to learn what methods suited me and worked best for me, such as visualisation tasks. Some sessions were emotional as I learnt a lot about myself and others were full of laughter! I have definitely benefited from this coaching, I was having to deal with a really difficult situation at work when I had my first meeting and by the end of it, I was able to look at the situation in a completely different way and was able to react so much better when a similar situation arose. Margriet has given me confidence so that I believe that I am able to undertake my new role and I am now really relishing the challenge of it. Margriet is a lovely person and so easy to talk to and open up to. I really would recommend her and would love it if my employer would book in further sessions for me as I don't think I would ever stop enjoying learning from Margriet."
~ Pension Manager, Xafnity

"I approached Margriet as a coach to help work through some frustrations and discouragement issues in my work environment. Margriet helped me to de-personalise and reframe my experiences through a number of sessions and exercises, enabling me to take a different and more powerful perspective, and regain a sense of control over the context. As part of the process she also helped me to re-acknowledge my personal passions as well as recognise my own choices of engagement. As a result of the coaching I was able to crystallise a broader perspective and move forward with greater focus and purpose. Margriet is a talented professional with a great balance between warmth and detachment, where she’s been able to gently confront assumptions and help me to uncover my own solutions to problems."
~ IT Leader – Maersk Group

"I started career coaching with Margriet as I was confused over my career path. Margriet quickly connected, and guided and challenged me to unlock my potential. Through a use of various tools, and benefiting from her expertise and experiences, I have learnt about my values and strengths and clearly identified what I enjoy doing and what is important to me. Since starting coaching with Margriet I have started a new role, and am more confident and happier, with a much clearer direction.
I would highly recommend Margriet as a coach - she has been a pleasure to work with."
~ Research Manager – Thames Water Utilities Ltd.

"I've really benefited from Margriet's coaching in six sessions over the last nine months helped by her shared fondness for good coffee and willingness to laugh at the absurdities of life. Margriet's ability to support my focus on what is important to develop and strengths I can draw on both in relation to work and personally has been hugely empowering - it has resulted in changes to the way I and my company Just Ideas work (confidence in facilitation; developing the business; delegation). It's also provided me with a creative set of tools to bring to the everyday issues and challenges we face at work. Overall the period of coaching has been positive, challenging, productive and enjoyable - and I look forward to a regular coaching catch up in future. "
~ Business Owner/Entrepeneur, Just Ideas Sustainable solutions Ltd.

"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Margriet and experiencing her genuine nature and exceptional integrity. A talented coach and mentor who is incredibly passionate and committed to making a difference to peoples lives. She has helped me to grow both professionally and personally and enabled me to view things from a different and more empowering perspective. I'd happily work with Margriet again in the future."
~ Digital Project Manager at Maersk group

"Margriet is amazing! Her strong intuition coupled with her direct and heartfelt approach make her coaching so powerful. It is incredible how quickly Margriet gets into the “core” of it all through effortlessly uncovering thoughts, emotions and trends so lightly. Don’t underestimate her sense of humor; working with Margriet is going to be rewarding and fun."
~ Business owner and Entrepeneur

"Margriet uses a coaching style to get to the heart of the matter, and influence senior stakeholders. It's a pleasure to work with Margriet and I particularly value her collaborative approach, inquisitive nature and readiness to tackle issues head on."
~ Business Owner and Entrepeneur

"Margriet offered me some very insightful counsel during her time as my career coach. She was instrumental in motivating me to produce clearly defined career goals as well as ensuring I maintained a positive work/life balance. I really benefitted from our regular chats."
~ Technical Manager, Thames Water

"Margriet was the Thames Water HR-lead for the Tideway Tunnel team during a critical phase in the project’s development. She played a key role in the recruitment, formation and building of the team. Her support was steadfast throughout the many highs and lows of project life, and her insights were always greatly valued by me and other members of the team."
~ MD, Thames Tideway Tunnel Programme

"Margriet was the HR business Partner responsible for leading the HR aspects of the outsourcing of the Thames Water Legal team and transition to the New Managed Legal service. Margriet drove the HR elements of this project with tremendous energy and vigour and enthusiasm and provided invaluable support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Margriet for outsourcing projects of this nature – she is a real team player."
~ Head of Legal - Thames Water

"I was lucky to work alongside Margriet at NHS PASA. She is a true business partner who was well liked by managers and employees alike, and a breath of fresh air to the HR team. I consistently relied on Margriet for sound advice and inputs relating to employee matters. In particular, drawing on her coaching and facilitating skills and experience. Margriet works incredibly hard and puts her all into everything she does - always maintaining a sense of humour. She was a pleasure to work with."
~ Senior HR Business Partner at Sensata Technologies

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